IMPORTANT NEWS: as of 2015 the registration is being dismissed and will only be used as an infrastructure for the promotional service provided by Music Promo. Please refer to the Music Promo website for further information on the service! is the first european digital music promotion tool. It was built as a pioneeristic software back in 2004. Since then hundreds of labels and artists have passed by and continue using this unique and incredible platform that lets you have the full control of your promo campaign and monitor the results in realtime from anywhere in the world.

In 2011 it has been totally redesigned from scratch to meet the requirements of a very fast evolving market and to add new astonishing features.

With you will be able to create your own effective digital promo campaign litterally within minutes and spread the word about your hit. Plus new wonderful features will come handy to complete your promo campaign with a variety of new tools which make your one-stop for music promotion: send a newsletter to over 40.000 music enthusiasts all over the world, have your social network page customized or a video template for your act or your label prepeared especially for you. Or even have your production taken to the next level with our finest quality of audio mastering.

And more is on the pipeline. Some unique features are on their way!